In Which I Come Out from Hiding {A 31 Days Confession}

peek-a-booOK, it’s time. So this is my way of slinking back onto the blog. I’m feeling a little sheepish about the whole thing because I totally tanked on my 31 Days of Hospitality. I mean, like, epically tanked. Like, didn’t even make it halfway through.

So, I thought if I just crawled off to a nook somewhere and ignored you guys for a month, that it would make it better. Hiding is what I do sometimes. {Yuck.}

But, it didn’t make it better because when I visit the blog today in December, it looks just like it did in November. And at the end of October. With that Day 13 of what was supposed to be 31 Days of Hospitality posts. And, it just stares at me and says “fail.” I hate that part. Stupid blog. {wink}

(That’s the funny thing about hiding. The thing you were hiding from is usually still there when you come out. Just older and more complicated now that it’s been sitting a few days – or months, or years.)

So, this is me. Coming back out of hiding. To stare that epic fail right down. Even though it just reminds me about my weakness in following through. My ongoing struggle. Rearing its ugly head even when I’m really excited about something and have the best of intentions.

No more hiding. For today, anyway. (Maybe never, by God’s grace. Oh, how I need His grace.)

I think I’m going to finish that 31 Days.( Just not in a row. Obviously.)

I need to finish it. I need to follow through. Because: #1, I believe what I’m writing about; and #2, I’m desperate for God to take my broken places and make me into a woman who follows through. Even on blog posts. Because it’s really an issue of my word.

What’s that you say? “Oh, it’s just a blog post, Shan. What’s the big deal?” Well, true. On the face of it, that’s true. But, it’s a pointer to the deeper things of yielding my life to Christ and letting Him work in those hidey holes that I go to. When I feel like I’ve failed or like I’m not following thru on things He puts on my heart.

And, so now you know what Rick and kids have known all along. I don’t always follow through. And, then I usually “hide” to try and cover it up.

But, I’m back… not just to finish the 31 Days. But, to keep wrestling through life with you all, my precious readers and friends.  Let’s keep peering through the glass together (dimly though it might be), until we get Home and we can see clearly.

Home – where I’ll never, ever need another hidey hole in which to hide.

Grace and peace,

Shannon McKee

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  1. Andi Schrader says:

    Tis the grace in imperfection, Shannon. You can be gentle with yourself right here so that others will be gentle with themselves. December Shalom.

  2. I do love how it all reminds me to lean into Truth and Grace. If I revel in that reality and lean-in hard, it’s much easier to grapple gently. ;)

  3. As a person who starts well but does not always finish well (my kids scrapbooks come to mind…ouch!), I can relate on many levels. I appreciate your honesty and humility. We are all works in progress…and God will use this to encourage others!

  4. Shannon McKee says:

    Thanks Carla! We truly are all works in progress. God needs to massage it all into my heart – both the needed conviction AND the grace that HE is sufficient in both my strengths and my weaknesses.

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