After Easter: A Letter to My Kiddos

Dear Kiddos of Mine,

I see you there as we open the eggs and recount The Story. I hear you as you expound on the details.

You know so much of it already. About the donkey and how Jesus came humble even though He could have come conquering. About the Passover and His last supper with His friends. About Judas’ 30 pieces of silver and Jesus’ agonizing prayer in the garden. About the middle of the night trials and the trumped up charges against an innocent man. And the mocking and the beatings He endured. You even know how many lashes it will take to kill a man and how Jesus took just one less.

You tell of how they crucified Him and how He died there, forsaken and alone. About how the sky got dark and the curtain tore. How they pierced His side to make sure He was dead. You know all about the borrowed tomb and the stone rolled in front of it.

And the last egg is empty. You know why, don’t you? Yes. Of course. You can tell us and you do. It’s empty because the tomb is empty. He is risen.

You know these historical events inside and out. And I love that. I have no regrets about teaching it to you from your earliest days. About reading to you from the Bible before you could even sit up. What mother would withhold her most precious possession from her own children? My greatest treasure I pass on to you.

But, there are these three things I pray as yet another Easter passes. The lamb has been eaten save a few leftovers. The Easter finery needs laundered. The tulips are wilting. Your baskets are a little less weighty. *smile* And it’s time for me to put away the eggs.

As I do, I ask God for three things… 

  1. I pray that it will always be a story like no other. It’s not a myth or an interesting piece of literature. To be shelved with all the other fantastical tales every told. It’s not even like anything in any of the other world religions. I know it sounds crazy at times. Really. God taking on flesh, coming as a baby, living just 33 years and being brutally executed to pay the penalty for our sin. And then rising from the dead? It’s nuts. I get that. But it’s true.
  2. I pray that you’ll never lose the wonder of it. They say that familiarity breeds contempt. I think there can be some truth to that. Sometimes we know something so well that we’re no longer shocked by it. Or we forget to see it with fresh eyes and enjoy its beauty. I pray that the Gospel will never seem “ho hum.” But that it will always stir wonder and awe in your hearts. Even though you’ve been hearing about Jesus since you were babes.
  3. And lastly, I pray that it won’t just be a holiday that you celebrate once a year. Be transformed, Caleb & Madison. By Him. Let Jesus’ sacrifice and victory change the way you think and act. Everyday. We don’t celebrate Easter because our religion dictates it. We’re really not that into religion. We celebrate Easter because it reminds us of the greatest day in history. We celebrate Easter because Jesus’ death and resurrection changed EVERYTHING.

I’ll be honest, kiddos. This Easter was a little different for me than any other. You’re getting older and I watch you taking it in. Contemplating the whole thing. In ways you didn’t before. With some hints of greater maturity and thoughtfulness. And I know that you’ll have to make your own decision about Easter someday. As you grow, you’ll either accept it or reject it. Accept Him or reject Him.  

I just want you know that I see you. And that I’m praying for you…

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  1. I love this post, Mom! :)

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